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STP Accent 10mm (0.4inch) 20 sqft car Sound absorption mat, closed foam Automotive Sound Insulation

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Application: Doors, Floor, Hood, Trunk.

  6mm 10mm

Package size:

3 m2 (32 sq.ft.)

1.87 m2 (20.12 sq ft)

Package contains:

16 sheets

10 sheets

Sheet size:

375 x 500 mm
(14.7inch x 20inch)

375 x 500 mm (14.7inch x 20inch)


6 mm (0.23inch)

10 mm (0.39inch)

Price per sq m:

Price per sq ft:




STP Accent is a heat-insulating vibration-damping self-adhesive material.

The material is grey, elastic, evenly foamed, small-meshed polyethylene with partly ruptured closed cell structure, the facing layer without dints and the mounting layer, covered with anti-adhesive paper.

Transportation and Storage

The materials mustn’t be exposed to moisture during handling. Packages mustn’t be dropped or bent while handling. Material packages must be transported horizontally on a plane surface in any roofed types of transport in accordance with the haulage rules for this type of transport under the conditions eliminating mechanical damages, deformation and moisture penetration. Material packages must be transported horizontally, in piles not higher than 3 m.

It’s not allowed to put any metal or analogous objects on the packs.

Materials must be stored in piles in roofed warehouses, horizontally, on a plane surface, not closer than 1m to heating appliances, under conditions eliminating moisture or oil penetration and exposure to sunlight.

Exploitation and installation requirements

The material must be installed on clean dry metal surfaces, including complex surfaces with bend radius of minimum 100 mm. To clean the material of dirt, it is recommended to use water with neutral abstergents, not containing organic solvents and alkali. Upon dismantling, the material can’t be reused.

Preparation for installation

In case the material is stored or transported at temperature, lower than 0°C, before installation it must be kept at temperature (20±5) °C for not less than 24 h. The mounting surface must be cleaned of dust and dirt, unoiled with technical solvents and kept until completely dry.


Anti adhesive paper must be peeled off. The edge of the detail must be pressed to the mounting surface step-by-step, avoiding air blisters formation. The material mustn’t be installed on dirty, corroded metal surfaces.

Coefficient nomination


Testing method

Thickness, mm



GOST 25015-81

Sealer thickness, mm


GOST 25015-81

Anti-adhesive layer-to-mounting layer bond strength, N/cm, min


GOST 17317-88

Material-to-mounting surface bond strength, N/cm, min


TD 2244-050-48214265- 2006

Layer-to-layer bond strength, N/cm, min, for a multilayer semi- product


GOST 17317-88

Facing layer-to-polyethylene foam bond strength, N/cm, min


GOST 17317-88

Customer Reviews

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What a difference!!

I used this material as a second layer in my doors outer skin. OH MY! The difference it made was quite noticeable. Sticks well, and is very easy to work with. Love it!