STP Black Gold - The best vibro damping for car audio - 48.4 sq ft Bulk Pack

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Application: Doors, Roof, Fire-wall, Wheel arches, Trunk compartment, Bonnet, Trimming.

Package size: 4.5 m2 (48.4 sq ft)
Package contains: 12 sheets
Sheet size: 750 x 500 mm (30inch x 20inch)
Thickness: 2.3 mm (0.09inch)
Price per sq m: $44.44
Price per sq ft: $4.13

STP BlACK GOLD is used as a vibration-damping coating in vehicles, agricultural machinery and other objects, which must meet particular requirements of effective sound and vibration reduction. The material is designed to be used at temperatures from -45 to 100°C; the material can survive short-time action of temperature up to 190°C.

The material is a construct, consisting of foil with embossment and printed logo, and an adhesive polymer layer protected with anti-adhesive paper. To improve anti-corrosion properties, the material contains corrosion inhibitive composition.

Material-to-metal surface bond strength when peeling off after impact of temperature cycling from -45°C to +70°C, TD 5772-006-48214265- N/cm, min 4 2001


The material must be handled under the conditions eliminating moisture penetration. It is prohibited to drop or bend packages. The packages must be transported horizontally on a plane surface in any roofed types of transport in compliance with haulage rules for this type of transport under the conditions eliminating mechanical damages, material deformation, and moisture penetration. It is prohibited to put any heavy metal and alike objects on packages.


The materials must be stored at temperature not higher than 40°C, horizontally, on a plane surface, not closer than 1m from heating appliances, under the conditions eliminating moisture and oil penetration and exposure to sunlight, in piles not higher than 1 m.


The exploitation temperature range is from -45 to +100 °C. The product may be exposed to the temperature up to 150°C for maximum 10 minutes.
Preparation for installation

In case the product is stored or transported at temperature below 0°C, before mounting it must be kept at temperature of (20±5) оС for minimum 24 h. The working temperature range must be from 18 to 30°C. Before installation, the surface must be cleaned of dust and dirt. The anti-adhesive paper is to be peeled off. The product is to be pressed to the surface firmly, from center to edges, avoiding air cavities formation. To clean the mounted product of dirt use water with neutral detergents not containing organic solvents and alkali.


The material can be mounted on horizontal and vertical surfaces including surfaces of irregular shape. The product is mounted on polyethylene foam. In case of industrial assembly, the material can be mounted on other surfaces assuming that the material-to-surface bond strength is in compliance with the present technical specifications. The product can’t be reused upon dismounting.

Coefficient nomination


Testing method

Thickness, mm


TD 5772-006-48214265- 2001

Weight of 1m2, kg, max


GOST 17073-71

Mechanical loss factor at temperature 10C0, not less


DIN EN ISO 6721-3:1996

Flammability, rate of combustion, mm/min, not more than

Non-flammable 100

GOST 25076-81

Material-to-metal surface bond strength when peeling off, N/cm, min


TD 5772-006-48214265- 2001

Anti-adhesive paper-to-adhesive polymer layer bond strength, N/cm


GOST 17317-88

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I’ve been using STP products in Ukraine a lot, and now they finally in Canada.

Black Gold is one of my favorite ones, installed it in my jetta with a new audio system.

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