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STP Bitoplast Tape 5mm (200mil) 2 m car Sealing sound deadening tape, Open Foam Sound Insulation

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Application: Plastic door trim panel, Plastic interior panel, Wiring and lock rod, Air duct

Piece's size: 15 x 2000 mm (0.59inch x 78.7inch)
Thickness: 5 mm (0.19inch)

STP Bitoplast tape is self-adhesive, anti-squeak and sealing material, used for automobile cabs, interiors, and boots lining of different vehicles.


The material is elastic polyurethane foam, modified by bitumen composition with an adhesive layer protected with anti-adhesive film.

Linear dimensions

The material produced in coils Tape size: 15*2000mm


Eliminates squeaks in the cabin Thermal insulation properties Long-lived, undecayable Odorless

Keep properties at low temperature range

Storage instructions

The materials must be stored at temperature not higher than 40°C, horizontally, on a plane surface, not closer than 1m from heating appliances, under the conditions eliminating moisture and oil penetration and exposure to sunlight, in piles not higher than 1,5 m.

Exploitation and installation requirements

To install the material, the anti-adhesive film must be taken off. The material edge is to be put on the mounting surface and pressed step-by-step, without stretching, to the mounting surface, avoiding air blisters formation. The material must be installed on dry clean surfaces.

Coefficient nomination


Testing method

Thickness, mm


TD 2254-019-48214265- 2002

Weight of 1m2 ,mass kg, not less


TD 2254-019-48214265- 2002

Durability of connection between the material and the metal surface during flaking-off, N/m, at least


TD 2254-019-48214265- 2002

Durability of the adhesive covering connection with the sticky polymeric layer, N/cm


GOST 17317

Flammability, rate of combustion, mm/min, not more than

Non-flammable 100

GOST 25076