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STP Noise Block 2mm (80mil) 15 sqft car Sound insulating mat, Maximum Insulation

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Application: Interior floor, Front and back wheel arches, trunk floor

Package size: 1.39 m2 (14.96 sq ft)
Package contains: 7 sheets
Sheet size: 375 x 570 mm (14.7inch x22.4inch)
Thickness: 2 mm (80mil)
Price per sq m: $100.71
Price per sq ft: $9.35

The self-adhesive material is used as sound insulating coating in vehicles, agricultural machinery and other objects specific requirements to effective noise and vibration reduction are imposed on.

The material is a multilayer construction consisting of an adhesive polymer layer based on elastomeric composition, protected with anti-adhesive paper, and a facing nonwoven layer. The product is supplied in the form of sheets. Details are produced by punching or cutting.

Transportation and Storage


The material must be handled under the conditions eliminating moisture penetration. It’s prohibited to drop or bend material packages while handling. Packages must be transported horizontally, on a plane surface, in any roofed types of transport in compliance with haulage rules for this type of transport under the conditions eliminating mechanical damages, material deformation, and moisture penetration.


The product must be stored indoors, in packages, horizontally, on plane surface, in piles not higher than 1m at temperature not higher than 40°C, not closer than 1m to heating appliances under the conditions eliminating moisture, solvents or oil penetration and exposure to sunlight.

Installation and Exploitation requirements


The exploitation temperature range is from -45 to +100 °C. The product may be exposed to the temperature up to 150°C for maximum 10 minutes.

Preparation for installation

In case the product is stored or transported at temperature below 0°C, before mounting it must be kept at temperature of (20±5) оС for minimum 24 h. The working temperature range must be from 18 to 30°C. Before installation, the surface must be cleaned of dust and dirt. The anti-adhesive paper is to be peeled off. The product is to be pressed to the surface firmly, from center to edges, avoiding air cavities formation. To clean the mounted product of dirt use water with neutral detergents not containing organic solvents and alkali.


The material can be mounted on horizontal and vertical surfaces including surfaces of irregular shape. The product is mounted on polyethylene foam. In case of industrial assembly, the material can be mounted on other surfaces assuming that the material-to-surface bond strength is in compliance with the present technical specifications. The product can’t be reused upon dismounting.

Coefficient nomination


NoiseBlock 2

NoiseBlock 3

1 Thickness, mm



2 Weight of 1 m2, kg, min



3 Material-to-foamed polyethylene bond strength at peeling off, N/cm, min


4 Antiadhesive paper-to-adhesive polymer layer bond strength, N/cm


5 Inflammability, burning rate, mm/min, max

non-flammable 100

6 Airborne noise insulation index within the frequency range (100-3150) Hz, dB, min


Customer Reviews

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Noise block is well worth it

I was in love with this material as soon as i seen it. I did a section of my flimsy dash panel and the floor over my Bomb Aero. I really does make quite a difference. Def worth giving a try imho.